Industry Solutions

Oil, Gas & Natural Resources

Capstone microturbines align perfectly with the needs of the oil and gas industry and are currently used in all phases of oil production including upstream, midstream, and downstream operations in both onshore and offshore applications. Capstone microturbines provide the low operational cost, high availability, and high reliability oil producers need.


  • Oil and Gas
  • Land Rigs
  • Water Conversion
  • Mining
  • Gas Compression
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Critical Power Supply

Traditional backup generation sets are often considered only as idle assets and can be unreliable when you need them the most. Mission critical facilities require a power generation solution that is more reliable and efficient than what a typical utility can provide. Capstone’s critical power supply portfolio features the world’s only microturbine-powered Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) solution that delivers the reliability and performance critical facilities require. When operating in “Dual Mode”, Capstone microturbines can easily transition from continuous power mode to standby power mode.


  • Data Centers
  • Telecom
  • Power Rental
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers

Renewable Energy

With the use of an anaerobic digester, Capstone microturbines are able to cleanly and effectively run on methane gas from landfills, wastewater treatment facilities and food processing facilities, as well as agriculture waste, which is often referred to as “green waste.” Rather than simply venting or flaring the methane gas, Capstone microturbines can convert this free fuel to clean and reliable electricity for use at the site or surrounding areas. Capstone offers its "CR" (Capstone Renewable) line of microturbines specifically designed to operate on waste gas fuels.


  • Wastewaster Treatment Plants
  • Farm Digesters
  • Landfills
  • Food Processing Plants
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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency refers to the proper utilization of both electrical energy and thermal energy in the power production process. Capstone microturbines can be easily integrated to capture thermal energy produced from the exhaust to provide a significant economic advantage to end users. Capstone microturbines can achieve overall efficiency levels of up to 80 percent in combined heat and power (CHP) applications and up to 90 percent in combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) applications.


  • Large Retailers
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Office Buildings
  • Recreation
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Features and Benefits

  • Patented Air Bearing Technology: No lubricants or coolants needed
  • One Moving Part: Minimal maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring: Complete view at all times
  • Advanced Combustion Controls: Low emissions with no exhaust after treatment
  • High Power Density: Compact footprint
  • Factory Protection Plan: 5 and 9 year plans available
  • Clean Waste Heat: Uncontaminated exhaust heat
  • Stand Alone or Grid Connect: Multiple applications and industries
  • Reliable: Tens of millions of runtime hours and counting
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